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    Spotlights and Announcements

    Spotlight Counselor Summer 2023 ☀️🏝️

    Chynna is an exceptional counselor, known for her unwavering commitment to her clients and her tireless work ethic. She approaches her role with a genuine concern for the well being of those she works with. Chynna’s dedication goes beyond what is required preparing exercises to ensure the best possible outcomes. She always make sure her clients have all the tools that they need to ensure their own success outside of the office. She is patient, kind, and authentically builds positive relationships with those around her very easily. 

    Chynna wants everyone she works with to feel heard! Everyday Chynna demonstrates the qualities that are needed for those looking to make a difference in the helping profession. Our team at Centerpiece is extremely proud of her!

    Spotlight Counselor Spring 2023 🏅🌸

    Lindsey is a counselor you can always count on and strongly bonds with her clients. She is dependable, hard working, and uses amazing therapeutic techniques to assist her client’s on their journey. Her patience, kindness, and skillset is recognized by all in her work. She is extremely welcoming and has an energy that makes everybody feel like somebody special. Lindsey has been with Centerpiece for a while now and continues to become a better friend, co-worker, and counselor each day. A lot of love goes into the work she does and it doesn’t go unrecognized. Lindsey is always willing to help others in any way she can and to be reliable for those around her. Everyone who meets Lindsey has nothing but positive things to say about the work she does with her clients at Centerpiece. Each day she shows up being the most nonjudgemental, open minded, empathetic, and most genuine version of herself. 

    She came into this field wanting to create a safe environment for her clients where she can best support them and that is exactly what she has done! We appreciate Lindsey so much and all that she has done in the past few years at Centerpiece. Lindsey deserves to be recognized for this position as she continues to give counselors in the helping profession an honorable reputation to be a part of. 

    Spotlight Counselor Winter 2023 🏅❄️

    Brittany is ambitious, dedicated, and puts a lot of love into the work she does with the children and families at Centerpiece. She makes herself available and flexible when working out times to meet with individuals. Everyone knows they can depend on Brittany as she is always there to help those around her. Brittany shows kindness to anyone who walks through the door and has been a great addition to our team. Her positivity is contagious as she radiates a genuine, welcoming personality, and always has a smile on her face. Brittany creates strong bonds with those around her and those that she works with. She goes above and beyond providing excellent care to her clients. Everyday she is open minded, caring, authentic, patient, and is ready to help guide her clients to success. The characteristics that Brittany holds as an individual in the helping profession is what gives counselors a name to be proud of.

    We welcome Brittany on her journey with us as she begins a full time position as a counselor. Her hard work and quality of care she provides does not go unseen by us. We appreciate her and she deserves to be recognized for this position.